About Me

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So who am I?

I’m 43 years old.  That’s OLD in racing terms.  I probably won’t reach Formula 1.

Not that I’d really want to – anyone who’s been around motor racing (or watched any Formula 1 race since 1993) will tell you the REAL excitement is in club racing!

I’ve been riding sportsbikes since 2000, and having not died, finally took my car driving licence in 2010.  Quickly realising that life on four wheels moved a lot slower than I’d been used to, I decided to take my MSA ARDS National B Licence test in 2012.

Not having much of a target other than to try four wheels on a race track, I found myself offered a chance to drive in 2014 in the Tillotson UK Formula Vee Championship, run by the 750 Motor Club.  A few delays lead to one rushed test before the last round of the season, in which the engine locked solid on the third corner of my out lap! 

For 2015, we hoped to get to the first round a little more prepared, and be able to get out for a full season – but life events got in the way meaning we could only contest the final three rounds of the championship.

I have no budget for this, but from my earliest childhood memories I always wanted to be a Racing Driver – now I’m finally back on that path and intend to grab the opportunity with hands that are already locked into a steering-wheel-grabbing shape in anticipation!

Will I be the next Ayrton Senna?

Will I trundle around at the back of the grid, scared of each movement of the pistons thundering away behind me?

Will I build up a blog following and drag all my friends and family to a race track and spin off spectacularly in the very first corner?

Who knows!  All I know is that this journey will be fun!

Please follow me for my warts-and-all account of what it’s really like to dive headlong into single-seater motor racing with absolutely no previous experience!


  • Name: James Cater
  • Age: 43
  • Home: Bromsgrove, UK
  • Occupation: Authorisations Officer for a legal regulator.
  • Interests: Motorcycles, writing, martial arts, sim racing.
  • Current Vehicles: 2003 Mazda MX5 SVT, 1995 Yamaha FZR600R, 2004 Kawasaki ZX6R B1H
  • Racing: Glenn Hay owned 1997 Sheane.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

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  3. Paul Chapman said:

    I was 5 seconds off your time behind the pace-car lol

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