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Provisional Calendar & New Tyre Supplier For 2015!

At last, the provisional calendar for the 2015 Tillotson UK Formula Vee Championship has been announced:

Brands Hatch 25/26th April
Croft 23/24th May
Cadwell Park 20/21st June
Anglesey 18/19th July
Silverstone 22/23rd Aug
Snetterton 300 12/13th Sept
Donington Park GP 3/4th Oct

Out of those I’ve been to Donington on my bike, and possibly done Silverstone for my ARDS test (depending on whether it’s the International circuit, or not) – and those two are at the end of the year!

So I may have to claw some more testing budget from somewhere…

They’re all good tracks, though, and I’m already getting the first pangs of excitement.  Brands and Croft will take me back to the old TOCA Touring Cars computer game that I spent many hours on as a young whipper-snapper!

I think the grids may struggle for the start of the season, though…

Not only are most being forced into spending around £500 on HANS kit to race this year, but the Dunlop tyres used since Vee began have been axed.

After several very hasty tests of alternatives, it has been decided to use Hoosier tyres going forward.  This will mean everyone also has to shell out £490 +VAT for at least one set…

We were hoping that Class B cars would be allowed to use the Dunlops for this year – Glenn has “more than a few” sets that he’s collected over the years – but sadly this won’t happen.  We’ll still use the Dunlops for testing, to try and get some use out of them.


The Hoosiers are supposed to be fairly close in lap times, but are ugly as sin!  I personally don’t think ‘vintage’ looking tyres will help the image of Formula Vee, but some are using them now for the Australian series, and maybe it’s just my biker mentality playing up a bit.  The look of the tread for bike tyres is very important for sales.

Having said that, it seems to be extremely hard to get a definite picture of the new tyres from anywhere.  If they’re like the picture above, then they’re not so bad.  If you heard drivers describing them at Donington in the cafe, you’d have far greater reservations.

Still, I’m sure when I’m in the car it won’t bother me, and we’ll soon get used to them!

I’d better keep buying those Lottery tickets.


Steve Bailey sent me a picture of the Hoosiers for UK Formula Vee:

A lot more tread than the current Dunlops, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they don’t look that bad at all!  I’d much prefer them over the cut slicks that were the other option being discussed – at the very least these will actually work in the wet!