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Helmet Upgrade: Koden KSC25 Carbon

Much as I love my floro yellow Koden, the move to using a HANS device meant my hand was forced, and I needed to buy a new helmet with the SAH2010 approval with the HANS posts drilled.

It was always my intention to get a ‘better’ helmet when I could, so I figured now I might as well spend and get something I’d be happy with for many years to come.

Most of the big names sell their entry level helmet for around £400+, then the HANS posts will cost another £40+. That’s all a lot of money for someone with an Oliver Twist style race budget like mine!

Having been happy with the fit of my Koden, I looked at their more expensive models at the Autosport International Show, and found the fit equally as good, but the quality of their later helmets noticeable better.

Their base helmet with HANS fitments could be had for around £250!  The only limit is that you have to have black or white, so no gaudy glowing colours this time…

However, if I’d bought one of these (and I’d be happy to race in them) I’d have always been kicking myself for not buying the full carbon fiber version – so I did!

The show price from Mark at M&P was an absolute bargain of £350 INCLUDING the HANS fitments!  So for that extra £100, I’d be getting a Koden KSC25 in real life carbon – the likes of which would set you back, ooh, one or two thousand for one of the ‘big name’ brands!

Quality is excellent.  Nothing is flimsy, all the bits join together perfectly, and even the Nomex lining is well-stitched and as good as any I’ve seen.  Weight is a stunning 1330g.  To put that into perspective, as a biker of 15 years riding daily, I buy the best kit I can.  I have never worn a helmet as light as the Koden KSC25, and it’s very, very noticeable as soon as you put it on!

It’s got a trusty double D-ring fastener, and holds my noggin like a sensuous lover.  Or a wrestler about to crush your head like a grapefruit.  Whatever makes you feel safer!  And the button on the front is to release the visor – so no more fumbling around for the lift tab!

As you can see from the first picture, you get a few accessories, too.  There’s the peaked bit, for people who drive closed cars and are deluded into thinking nothing can ever possibly get through the windscreen, so don’t need a visor.  And another bit that I think is a spoiler.  I’ll put that on, if I can – I need to check clearance in the Vee cockpit with the HANS kit, first, though.

You can get spare visors, but I forgot to get one!  I think you can get black/smoke or blue iridium.  I wear blue iridium on my bike, because a) it looks cool, and b) the blue tint gives better viewing definition in cloudy or overcast conditions – perfect for the UK!

I am chuffed to bits with my Koden KSC25.  For the price it’s unbelievable value – but just as a race helmet for ANY money, it’s a damned fine buy!  I’m sure it will do me proud.