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Koden KSC25 Helmet Extras

As mentioned in my previous blog, the brilliant Koden KSC25 Carbon helmet comes with a few accessories.

The peak is of no use to me racing an open single-seater, but I’m sure is great for rally drivers etc.

The spoiler, however, was of interest to me.

As a very good and very cheap helmet, I’m sure a lot of people will be buying these, but, not many will want to get them painted up because it’s The Law to keep your carbon weave on show!

There are absolutely no instructions with the helmet – perhaps unsurprisingly, as you probably shouldn’t be getting in a car if you can’t figure out which end to put your helmet on. This leaves a bit of a dilemma with these extra bits, and what to do with them, though…

The spoiler and the peak come with ‘sticky stuff’ around their edges, so you just peel the tape off and stick it onto your helmet.

Umm… where??

There are no images I could find online of a helmet with either accessory actually attached!

I’m sure the spoiler is more cosmetic than anything, but as a biker I appreciate the need to have vents and peaks and all kinds of nonsense hanging off your helmet. It just looks better!

Many helmets boast about their anti-lift properties (meaning the air won’t get under them and lift them up at high speed), and the Koden spoiler may have some kind of effect here. Looking at my trusty AGV Stealth motorcycle helmet, though, I suspect it’s more to aid the exhaust vents on the back of the helmet.

My AGV has a spoiler itself, but with ducting to channel air from the front of the helmet all the way back and past the exhaust vents. My best guess is that the Koden spoiler is supposed to be placed in a similar fashion, i.e. covering the helmets exhaust vents like this:

I’ve already seen a few weird and wonderful placements from races this year, and as I said, I don’t think it REALLY matters, but by my logic and experience, this is how it’s supposed to go.

I suspect most will just leave the KSC25 bare and not have to guess!

I am planning on a few small stickers with my name on to stick on the helmet – but am also conscious that scrutineers don’t like helmet stickers as they might be covering something up.

Oh, and please before you go sticking anything on your brand new helmet – SIT IN YOUR CAR!

You’ll be gutted if you go sticking stuff all over it only to find you can’t get your head on your head rest anymore!

If you’re driving a Sheane Formula Vee – you’re fine to use it.