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Fitbit from Croft

After the interesting heart rate readings from Brands Hatch, I once again wore my Fitbit for the races at Croft.

Qualifying was my first ever lap of Croft, and with the rain absolutely clowning it down, you might expect me to be a bit excited about it all.

Unfortunately, this was before I started to enjoy the rain, and so I just trundled around without even trying to kill myself – and this seems to be reflected in my heart rate:


So, much like I thought of my own performance in that session, it’s a bit ‘meh’.

But then things dried out for the afternoon, and for my first ever dry lap of Croft I’d have to be at full racing speed with no idea what the car would do in the extremely fast corners.

As you might imagine, this one told a different story:


So we have a new record at 172 bpm peak!

A lot of the back of the circuit is foot to the floor, and then just turn the sucker in and hop you’re on the right line. I like this sort of thing, but it’s unsurprising that it would get the old ticker beating a bit faster. There was also frustration at not getting 2nd gear, and Darren Lomas filling my mirrors waiting to pounce on any mistake.

And, of course the huge moment when my Z-bar broke and I put 2 wheels off and had it all got a little bit skew-whiff…

Race 2 saw the return of rain with a vengeance. I’d sworn to push, whatever the conditions, and couldn’t actually see much of the track, corners, or other cars because of the spray.

And I was taking those same flat-out sections as fast as I dared in those horrendous conditions.

So you’d expect, if my heart didn’t stop completely because of me being dead, or something, that my heart rate would be through the roof, right?


What the…?

OK, so this is the same pattern as Brands Hatch, but this time the high heart rate seems more linked to high speed than being inches and split seconds from disaster.

In that second race I was enjoying myself and having fun, but I’m pretty sure I remember having a bit of a whoop inside my helmet in the dry race, too.

Is it that I’m more used to the track and so much more relaxed for that second race? Because the pressure is off to get the car back safely for another race?

At Mallory Park the qualifying session and both races are all on the same day – so will this same pattern repeat, or will the hear rate get higher and higher like it has done on the first day of a race weekend?