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COMPETITION – Design a logo for RTV!

If I’ve got any talent in the car, it’s certainly not matched by my drawing/painting skills!

The design I knocked up for Racing Team Vee did the job we needed in a rush, but is hardly going to be on display in the local art gallery.  I could have done a stick man, or something, but had a better idea…

So we’re opening this up to YOU!

I know a lot of you out there have some pretty nifty design skills, and you might want to be able to say your design is featured on a real life racing car, blasting around tracks in the UK.  It would help us, and could be your springboard into new career, rekindle your old love (of drawing – not with Kate you met in the pub in 2008), or just make you chuffed to bits and the envy of your school/uni/work mates!

The brief is extremely loose, in that we want the letters RTV to be on there, and then from there anything goes.

Oh, and there will be a small prize pack for the design Glenn and myself like the best!

View the full details on the RTV website here: RTV – Racing Team Vee

You can email your designs to me, post them on either of the Facebook groups, or just give me a nudge any other way you can!

Good luck, and massive thanks for anyone who has a go!

Please share this everywhere you can, so anyone interested can have a look!