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I know many of you often wish I’d jump out of a plane, and now you can help that to happen without incriminating yourselves!


On 5th May 2018, I will be doing a tandem skydive to raise money for Primrose Hospice and in memory of my Step-Dad, Vic Dovey, who was taken by cancer in February this year.


Primrose Hospice cared for Vic in his final weeks and have been a massive help to our families during this time, and have helped with others close to me in the last few years, and so I’ll be proud to raise funds for them, as well as displaying their branding on my racing car again this year.

Unfortunately the timings mean I can’t get in on their group charity skydive on 16th June, so I’ll have to be extra brave and do this on my own!

Despite being a bit of an adrenaline junky, I am actually scared of heights, so you can rest assured that this won’t be easy for me!


If you would like to sponsor me for this parachute jump, you can give me cash (I’ll get a form printed out if people prefer to do it this way) or do it online:




If you can donate £1 it all builds up, so please give what you can, however small.